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About: My Mountain Adventures

I love to hike, I love to write, and I love to take pictures. With Summer 2008 right around the corner, I’m experimenting with a hiking blog to talk about my adventures and share some of my pictures. I bike sometimes and cross country ski in the winter, and I’ll write about those trips also.

Some of my plans for 2008 include hiking to the top of the Middle Teton, hiking up Sleeping Indian, hiking in the Bechler area of Yellowstone, hiking to Union Falls, hiking up Buck Mountain, and exploring the area between Cache Creek and Granite Hot Springs. Some of my favorites from past years have been Paintbrush Divide, Hurricane Pass, Table Mountain, Static Peak and Shoshone Geyser Basin and I’m sure that I’ll revisit some of those trails. I hike a bunch on the weekends and I also try to get in a good hike after work every week or so.

Hopefully my posts can give people who aren’t familiar with the area a few ideas, and maybe more experienced hikers will also be able to learn something. Send me your tips or ideas, whether through email or as a comment — if I hear that the wildflowers on a certain trail are spectacular or that a mountain pass has finally opened up, I’ll write about it. In my wildest dreams, this site will become a forum for people to share their hiking experiences in the Tetons, in Yellowstone, and in all of the other mountains around Jackson.