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Posted by Jim Steele on May 27th, 2009 filed in News

A few notes about The Mountain Goat …

Winter’s finally over! I’ve already been hiking and biking plenty of times and am stoked for the summer. I’ve got plenty of trips in mind: Mount Woodring, Turquoise Lake, the Pitchstone Plateau traverse and Mount Holmes are on my list, with a backpacking trip to the Thorofare region of Yellowstone also a possibility. I hope to have plenty of new subject matter for The Mountain Goat as the summer passes.

One thing that has frustrated me so far is that I haven’t been able to note trail updates on the fly. By the time I get an article written, it has sometimes been several weeks since I’ve done the hike. The fresh batch of huckleberries or cool wildflower show that I want to tip everyone off to could be over. I’ve added a Twitter feed so that I can do updates right after — or during — a hike. Note that this won’t be your normal Twitter feed. I’m not going to tell you about a trip to Safeway or what I had for lunch. This Twitter feed is for outdoor news, notes and reflections only. I’ve added the feed to the main homepage. I’ll do some updates from the trail via my Treo — my most recent Tweet was posted at Hermitage Point.

The Twitter feed opens up some new possibilities. If you have something to report to your fellow hikers — a trail that just became passable, for example, send me an email so I can post a Tweet.

And please don’t hesitate to add comments to my articles. I really want this site to become more of a forum. If you have a tip about one of the trails I’ve written about or just want to reflect on your hike, please add your two cents. I’ve required registration because I was getting too many spammy comments, but don’t hesitate to register and weigh in. I would even welcome guest articles.

Don’t miss my new gallery: And watch for my next article on mountain biking the Cache Creek / Game Creek Loop.

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